Audioscribe Studios in Leland NC

Audioscribe Studios Inc. is a “Indie” label located in Leland, NC. We focus on Secular and Christian artists with the amazing ability to write and perform. Audioscribe has worked with bands like “The Hushpuppies”, “Spicy Jane”, “Miles Atlas” and “The Hatch Brothers”.
All artists who are signed to the Audioscribe label will record in our very own studio. We take nothing away from the artist in the recording process. Our position is to help the artist to achieve a sound they can be excited about and can be marketable. Also, in today’s industry, a lot of focus has been placed on digital distribution. We are no exception. Audioscribe Studios makes sure that your music gets out in the market with locations like itunes, and many others.
If you would like to submit your information for consideration for Audioscribe Studios, please send us as much of the following as possible:
  • Information about the group
  • Bio of each band member – This needs to be about their musical background and influences.
  • Link for the bands online site. (If available)
  • A list of original songs written.
  • Up to date concert schedule – This is so we can send an Audioscribe rep to check out the band in a live performance.
  • Photos of the band members – (If available)
Contact us for submission and recording details.